The Snake Oil Salesman – false hope for a cure

There are so many people trying to sell us a vial of hope. They have been doing it as long as humans have walked this earth, some with a few honest but misguided perceptions. But today, in the day of the internet, they are really in our faces with every cure-all and then some more. Bipolar disorder, ADHD, arthritis, cancer, buy our bottle of pills for $450 and you will be cured!

Unfortunately, the only reason these people exist is because someone is falling for it to begin with, some may even claim they were cured to only later find out that their illness was temporarily masked over by their vials of hope.

As of today, no cure for Bipolar disorder, only treatment exists. Nothing is 100% effective because our mental illnesses are never caused or created or whatever you believe, by the same thing. I don’t listen to the ads on the side of the pape when I Google “Bipolar Disorder” because I know they are junk science.

Some people live off the hope you will get better. I offer you this perspective. YOU ARE BETTER. Your abilities and skills with bipolar disorder are far more advanced than others around you. You have a heightened sense of the world and of creativity. Yes, the ups and downs are especially horrible, I know. I am dealing with depression part of the cycle right now. We are not perfect. But we can accept who we really are, people with a brain disease. And that means we go to a dr, even if it’s only to ask him about the latest snake oil. 🙂

take care all


One thought on “The Snake Oil Salesman – false hope for a cure”

  1. I don’t like snakes so I wont be trying any snake oils.. heehee I agree with you!! We are who we are and we need to accept it and do what needs to be done (ie. go to doctor frequently) in order to keep as level as possible.. We do seem to have a heightened awareness and abilities most of us have no idea what those are but once you accept yourself you will find them. 🙂 anyway Love your thoughts… Thanks for sharing!

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