Unable to live alone

It has almost been a year…

Things were so much different a year ago. It was almost a year ago that I moved in with my mother… again. I had been living in my own apartment for around nine months, but things had gotten bad. I learned last year that basically, I can not live alone. This has never been an issue with me. Fresh out of high school I lived with my mom for a few months, then my boyfriend… well I won’t list it but it’s a long list.

It’s a hard time when you learn that you are unable to be alone. My memory has been problematic after about the eighth concussion, and there have been more than a dozen. I also have multiple physical and mental difficulties. I never thought living alone was going to be a problem though. Living in my apartment was okay until my best friend, who lived in the apartment above me, moved 2000 miles away. I needed help. So I sort of came back here, reluctantly. It’s not all bad. I don’t mean to complain. Just explain why I feel so different.

Someday I will try again, but I am trying to get my college degree first. That is my goal.

3 thoughts on “Unable to live alone”

  1. I think it’s great you are going for a degree.. wish I could do that.. Its hard to let go of your independence but be glad your mom is there, even tho it cant be easy. LIke you said 3 Bipolar Women in a small apartment.. yikes! Heehee funny cause I basically have the same situation except mine are teenagers. lol And my mom and I aren’t making ends meet so I foresee us living together and Idk how that will be.. Proud of you for going for the degree and being a great person.. 🙂

  2. Where have you been all my life? I am fighting this very thing right now. Maybe we should be room mates :)…. well, on second thought, I think we live in different countries and that is a lot of mental illness for one apartment. I love your writing… keep doing it please!

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