A Grateful Moment



The leaves are almost gone now. We are wearing thick coats around here now. I have filled the hiding space with Christmas presents and anticipating putting up a tree this weekend. I can feel the irritation and hurry all around me and Jingle Bells is beginning to play on the radio…

It Must Be Thanksgiving!

Today I am finding the time to be grateful. This year has left me with plenty to be grateful for.

  1. I am grateful that I have my daughter. I have her in the way that it counts, my heart
  2. I am following my dreams and no longer feel hopeless.
  3. I had as much time with my grandma as I did
  4. That my mom is healthy for the holidays this year
  5. That I survived a traumatic event in one piece
  6. I am grateful for the friends that I have made
  7. I am back at college after a long absence
  8. To my ex husband for being a good father
  9. For having the courage to change my life
  10. I am grateful to social media for being there when it doesn’t seem others are listening

So… as we truly get into the holiday season, I might seem like a Grinch sometimes but I am just missing the days when I looked at the holidays with stars in my eyes. This is how my little girl looks this year especially.

So take a moment, before it gets so crazy that you can’t breathe, and be grateful… it will help a lot.

All my love this holiday season,



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