Apartment Full of Bipolars- Holiday edition

I realize it is not Thanksgiving yet, I promise that will be an interesting post. It’s already become a holiday season that is worth writing about.

Conversation from this morning:

Me: I am headed to Walmart today to get those craft supplies to make ornaments with Hayley. I will be leaving in a little bit.

Mom: No, we’re out of money. I spent the rest of it at the store yesterday. (paraphrasing)

(My mom and I both have a problem with overspending when we are having an episode)

Me: Mom, I am not out of money.

Mom: Yes, we are broke.

Me: How do you know how much money I have?

Mom: Money that YOU have?

Me: I just deposited a check from the college in my bank account.

This is where she looked at me confused for a few seconds. It looked like a lightbulb went off in her head.

This is what I don’t understand.

Why did she she think I was going to use her money and not my own???

I do what I always do with these priceless moments, I ignored it. She is getting older and having an episode right now. I understand at this point a little of what it’s like for people to try to be understanding towards me.

So anyway… Thanksgiving is tomorrow. My daughter will be here very early since her daddy, the chef, has to work. The apartment will become kind of wild at this point; I guarantee it.

It’s a little like putting three wild cats in a sack and closing it.

I am going to use a new method to keep a little of the control around here. If my daughter is buzzing back and forth all over the place and my mother is turning red from irritation I am sending everyone to their respective corners of this apartment. My mom going to her room, my daughter in mine, and I will stay in the kitchen and crank up my iPod. I think it’s a brilliant idea, I even picked up the new album from Rhianna for this purpose.

Today I will just stay out of the way of everyone and do my schoolwork… no reason to provoke my family yet. One day is enough. I am going to try to make this a special day for my little girl. At the age of six she is old enough to remember the entire day and relive it with her therapist. I want to look good! *giggle*

Stay tuned for posts this weekend, my daughter will be here on Friday and Saturday as well. My old fall-back of my neighbor watching her when I feel like I may scream may not be available anymore. As of this weekend, my daughter’s friends will be moving an hour’s drive away. Wish me luck!

Try to enjoy Thanksgiving!! It will be worth the effort, I promise.

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