Apartment Full of Bipolars- Thanksgiving Day

I meant to do this post right after Thanksgiving, but I needed some time to recover.

I took notes on Thanksgiving Day while everything was going on. These are the notes:


Notes for blogpost about my Thanksgiving:


Up at 2am after a night of unusually noisy neighbors… they must be half-elephant. Then after they go to sleep their 100lb cat runs back and forth at amazing speeds.


Hayley comes out at 4:30am and scares me


6am and Hayley is begging to start clearing off the dining room table for dinner… Says she is bored so she sits down at the table and says she wants to sit and wait. I sit her down to draw a card for daddy.


7:30am Hayley is having Fruit Pebbles for breakfast. She already is starting to make the ornaments. She is hyper, I am sleepy, mom just got up and doesn’t look awake yet.


Hayley let me nap while nana was getting ready for the day.


Hayley still buzzing around the house at 9am. I give her a bath and try to motivate myself. Today Hayley is having a lot of trouble focusing on anything and I am getting so frusterated that I lose my temper. She wants to watch the parade but can’t sit still. I sent her to rest in my room for a few minutes while I calmed down and then gave her something to eat because dinner is over 2 hours away. I am just trying to get dinner ready!


Hayley is hiding under the kitchen table, then hopping around (literally)

It takes 3 hours to get the chicken in the oven, mom is walking around ignoring me and Hayley.


I am getting really irritable and starting to feel like Hayley is doing this on purpose. Mom is now helping with the cooking and trying to help with Hayley. Seems my observations of a funny Hayley aren’t working in my perspective today. Where is the sun I had yesterday?? Having real sunlight really helped me.


It’s noon now. I sent her to take a nap since she’s been up since 4:30am. I went to check on her 5min later and she asked “Is nap over yet?” She is so excited. She also worries about somehow sleeping through dinner today, as if I would let her do that.

Mom is getting productive now, but she is having some physical pain. She tripped and fell pretty hard last night. Scared me to death when she did it.


I can’t slow down today, too much to do. Still sleepy.


We just sat down and made a pact to have a good holiday and stop annoying each other. I was pushed to wanting to send her back to her daddy’s. We’ll see if Hayley and mom and I can stick to the pact.


Hayley is upset because she tied  a ribbon around her leg and she can’t get it undone. I am trying to teach her a lesson that what she does has consequences. I think she understands this better than she lets on.


It is 1pm and we are coming to an end of the cooking. Mom turned on the wrong burner.


2:30pm- In the matter of a little over an hour mom fell in the kitchen and hit her head, we had dinner where hayley displayed constant and diliberate seriously bad manners and became very dramatic. I got frusterated and said “f*** it” and walked away from the table… only to have my daughter begin choking on a large piece of unchewed chicken.


In one hour I felt like I was about to lose both my mom and my daughter.


I have seriously considered calling grandpa to pick her up


I put Hayley down for a nap (3rd or 4th attempt) and am about to join her to get her to rest. I am practically planning on cancelling Christmas this year after this day. Even my mom is trying to beg and bribe my daughter to be good so that I will not lose my temper again.


10 min after I fell asleep Hayley snuck out and spent time with Nana. She played quietly while Nana cleaned up.


After an hour Nana sent Hayley to come and wake me up, ever since then Hayley has been bouncing off the walls again. Hayley has been awake and hyper for 12 hours straight. I called grandpa to come pick her up. I am seriously worried about my little girl like this. I am not sending her home.

because I can’t handle her, I am sending her home so she can relax a little. I feel so guilty. I made a deal with her that if she goes to my room and actually falls asleep while grandpa is out at dinner, I will call grandpa and tell him that she can stay… it’s almost 5pm now.


I feel bad that Hayley had to spend half her day making jokes that didn’t make sense… anything to get me to smile. I just am not feeling cheery at all today. I tried to fake it but it made things worse.


It’s 5:18pm and she is officially asleep. I called grandpa and told him I didn’t want to wake her up to send her home. Daddy will be here around 9pm.


This may have a repeat performance Friday night to Saturday night… I’ll let you know.


7:15pm Mom went to bed about half an hour ago. Just as I am dozing off Hayley comes out and wants to watch some cartoons and cuddle. I am about to get her some pumpkin pie.


8:30pm- watched some spongebob and little timmy. she cut out some shapes and decorated christmas tree ornaments. she ate half of a piece of pumpkin pie


Hayley stayed good and calm until daddy picked her up. As soon as she left I went to bed. I got 8 hours of sleep. That must be a new record for the past month.

I was right, Friday night became a repeat performance, she got me up at 1:30am to decorate the tree…

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