Apartment Full of Bipolars- humor Part 2

This is my weekend for visitation so:

Tuesday night- “Mommy, I can’t come over Friday.” “Why honey?” “Just can’t”

So Wednesday morning I called her father and asked him to speak with the sweet little five year old that used to love coming over as much as possible. He never returned my call… growl.

Wednesday night I called my daughter to wish her good night as I always do. I asked her if she is excited to come over on Friday for the weekend, “I can’t wait Mommy! It’s the day after tomorrow! I’m going to bring my new sleeping bag! Can Friday come today?”

I’m confused…

Today was a usual day. I got chatty this morning, then I cried for 2 hours, then I did homework and went for a walk.

Now there is an argument in the apartment where it’s just me and mom right now:

“That was an awesome episode of American Horror Story, let’s watch the one we recorded last night!” – me

“I want to get back to the real world and watch my Young and the Restless.” – mom

o_O as they say. Real world??


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