Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

How do I explain to my little girl, who will turn six one week before Christmas, that you will not be coming to Mommy’s this year? I feel as if I will devastate this adorable little girl because I am not able to buy Christmas presents this year. Yes, I know you will be going to her Daddy’s house and spreading it thick with XBox and Powerwheels, but what do I tell her about the emptiness under our tree? I watch the ads on tv with her and she tells me everything that she wants, and I just sit quietly and cry.

We sat last weekend and made ornaments out of odds and ends for her to give out as gifts this year. We put up an old 4 ft tree and decorated it with old ornaments with lots of memories. I am trying to make it a great Christmastime but when she wakes up Christmas morning I am afraid she will think that Santa forgot about her.

I feel so inadequate, even her birthday present is small and unwrapped. She isn’t hurting for toys and presents this year from friends and family, but Mommy was unable to provide.

So, dear Santa, this year all I want for Christmas is help trying to explain to my blonde haired, blue eyed angel that Santa will only be able to stop at Daddy’s this year.

Thank you,


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