Pink slipped… Almost

I was at the end of my rope honestly. In the middle of an epic panic attack I found myself bloody lying on the floor. I called my mom to dial 911 because I was certain I would need stitches. Unexpectedly my friendly local police man pink slipped me.

For those who don’t know, a pink slip is an absolute trip to the psych unit, do not pass go,’so not collect $200. So the final word was that I was going to spend my daughter’s birthday in a psychiatric unit.

At this point they invaded my privacy as much as possible. I was left to wearing no more than paper scrubs and them going through my bags and pockets and cateloging every nickel and pen.

After they cleaned me up they determined I did not need stitches after all. I was just dealing with PTSD and needed outpatient treatment.

After all that I am sitting in a waiting room at 3am waiting for a cab to take me home. I am tired and have been humiliated enough for one day. Today has been rough. I’m going home and going to bed

2 thoughts on “Pink slipped… Almost”

  1. I’ve never heard the term ‘pink slipped’ before- we don’t use that here in Australia. Quite an overwhelming day you’ve had, it sounds like. Good that you’re home now though, take care of yourself. x

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