So Very Lonely

I was walking down main street and the snow was blowing, the air was crisp, and the music playing on my iPod made me feel like I was alone in some sort of movie. The cars were whooshing by, and I felt alone. So alone.

In a crowded bus, I felt alone and scared. At home I am always alone. Even today when I was in a house with 6 small kids and 3 adults I felt alone. I broke into tears and ran for the nearest bus stop. I couldn’t handle it.


I just can’t handle life right now. I want to isolate and hide and just… I need out of my head so badly.! I can barely pick up my own computer, it’s pathetic.

Only two things are getting me through, Jake and Hayley. They are the reason that I am still alive. I love you guys.


2 thoughts on “So Very Lonely”

  1. Oh to feel alone in a crowd, God I’ve been there so many times. My heart cries out for you. I understand your pain. I just wanted you to know you are not alone in the way you feel. Thank you for sharing your post. You inspire me to keep sharing my inner secrets.

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