Apartment Full of Bipolars again-humor

Hayley has returned!!! I almost just took her Saturday and Sunday because I really want to have cake and some small presents on her actual birthday (her party was last weekend) but I thought… I’m feeling brave (or suicidal!)  I’m going to take her Friday. Yup, I know for a fact I will be pulling my hair out by tomorrow morning, but I extended my weekend anyway. Call me crazy.

I was pacing by 6:05pm because my ex was 5 minutes late dropping her off. I was making comments under my breath about typical him. At 6:15pm I call him and tell him I was worried and he should have called to say he would be late. He said they were walking out the Walmart doors and hung up. This is not like me, I don’t usually pay attention to clocks or if he is on time or not. I really honestly EXPECT him to be late, or really early. (He did actually call me at 4:30pm and I had to tell him we said 6pm because I wouldn’t be prepared for her until 6pm!)


A few minutes later  I see the headlights in my window and open the apartment door and Hayley barrels in and heads for her pile of “still in the packaging and not yet played with” birthday gifts from her party. Nope, didn’t notice me. Probably because I visited with her this morning.

Yah, the way my brain works can be odd sometimes. This morning I decided to not take a second bus and instead walk the 5 miles to my doctor’s office to run inside for 10 seconds to pick up a prescription. Halfway between where the first bus dropped me off and the doctor’s office is my old house… where my ex-husband, daughter, and other of his family live. I called him four times (it was kindda early) until he answered and asked if I could come over and give my baby girl a hug. My hug turned into a couple hour visit. So I’m not surprised that she wasn’t absolutely thrilled to see me.

You know, my mom was up for the first oh hour and a half that Hayley was here and my mom never said a single word to either of us. She just sort of had a far away look in her eyes and smiled when she was watching Hayley play with the beads and the Littlest Pet Shoppe thing.

I knew Hayley had been looking forward to tonight’s bath time for at least a few days. She had a new Barbie made especially for bath play and bathtub crayons, the kind made basically of soap and it comes right off the wall. I was filling the bathtub and calling my ex (he sent her in dress shoes and I don’t have any gym shoes for tomorrow) when I turned around she had drawn a lovely picture with the bath crayons…….. on the OUTSIDE of the tub.

Ahh, how relaxing. She was quiet and sitting still and watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer… that lasted 20 minutes. Now it is getting late and I’m getting kindda tired and she is running around putting out every toy that I have in my house all over the living room floor. Just getting her to clean it up will make her bedtime at least another half hour from now! Who was it that made all these toys that are “OK” for a little girl turning 6 and it has all those tiny pieces that never all get cleaned up and you step on em and OUCH! I wanna know who came up with that idea because I want to put tacks on HIS floor.


Is there any way that someone can start a protest against the toy and electronics packaging departments??? Ties, tape, cardboard, sharp plastic… I practically needed surgical instruments tonight just to get to a little toy cat without popping its head off. I dread the thought of the look on my daughter’s face if she sees her new toy’s head pop off. No, actually that’s kindda funny. Okay, I keep getting distracted. The point is, I actually injured myself twice trying to open a toy’s packaging. I reel in horror at the thought of what my hands will look like when Christmas is over.

I have an idea… I should send out a mass family Christmas letter titled URGENT demanding that anything sent to my daughter already be out of the packaging and fully assembled 🙂 yah, that would make ME HAPPY.

My last thing I will share with you today is the really true enjoyment I got today when my daughter exclaimed “You and Daddy are divorced, but you need to get married again in October!!” No, not enjoyment at the comment. Enjoyment at the look on my ex-husband’s face. Oh yes, the horror was PRICELESS





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