Santa Called Me…

I am mixing the humor of a Mastercard commercial with a social observation of Christmas in this modern age (amazes me)


New digital camera to take picture of Hayley with Santa: $50


Christmas dress for pictures with Santa: $25


Cab fare to get to the mall to visit Santa: $35


Watching her run screaming from the main mall at my suggestion of  her sitting on Santa’s lap: Priceless

( I will add to that one comment from my sleep deprived fog: I think this may have been caused by the people coming to her school to tell her about staying away from strangers and good touch and bad touch. It is clear to me that these days sitting on Santa’s lap and whispering in his ear is politically incorrect and even sounds a little creepy to me…)


Well, that was December 2010. I want to take her today to see Santa but I am broke and I no longer have a camera. I offered to her that she can just go and tell him what she wants for Christmas and she says,

“Mommy, Santa called me on the cell phone yesterday and emailed me a letter this morning. I don’t need to SEE him.”


I am still shocked, amazed, and a little confused and sort of speechless.

I feel a little sad that my daughter doesn’t want to see Santa. Isn’t he supposed to be magical and super special? (I suddenly feel like I messed up somewhere) She turns six on Sunday… I am starting to wonder silently if she believes in Santa.

The email was my doing of course, but how did Santa CALL her on her Daddy’s cell phone? oh wait, there must be an app for that. 😀

See, there's an app for that!


Ok, tonight we’re going New Age/ Old School. I downloaded an App for my MacBook with the Twas the Night Before Christmas book, it’s really beautifully done it looks like a stage. I would LOVE suggestions from everyone and anyone what to do to make the night of Dec.23rd really special for Hayley. She knows Santa is coming to Mommy’s on December 23 night and to Daddy’s Christmas Eve night. *shrug* I just told her I emailed Santa and he said he is used to having to deliver both nights because of all the mommy’s and daddy’s that aren’t together anymore. well, not exactly like that. She’s being great about it.

Oh geez, before I over-plan my christmas eve with her I need to go wrap her birthday presents before she gets up!! *knocks myself on the head* work brain, work

Thanks for your help!


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