Regretful Actions- rant

In a hope he might see this…

I can’t believe I am so stupid. I have messed up before but I may have just made the mistake of my life.

I had no sleep and said things that may have caused someone to die. If nothing else I know I broke his heart. I tried to apologize but he has blocked me from everything just to get away from me.

I don’t blame people that run screaming from me, I know I would. I was way too hard on him and he always just accepted who I am.

I have a psychiatric services appointment early today. If I am honest with them then they may put me in the hospital for a few days.

This makes me want a hug from my daughter right now so badly that it hurts, but I won’t see her for days and days…

I wish the words “I am sorry” could erase what I said. I didn’t mean it at all and totally overreacted.

I didn’t think I could hurt so bad… The grief is unreal…


Update: I can’t completely fix or erase what I did, but I know he is okay and I am okay.

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