Changing my Perspective

Today things have changed, the world looks very different, and I am focusing on the small things.

I went for a walk with my six year old daughter, Hayley. It was raining but I thought a walk would improve both of us. By the time we had on all of our rain-gear we walked outside and the sun was shining, the dark clouds were leaving, and the ground smelled like a lake. It was very comfortable for a December day and Hayley was very excited to see the puddles. She began jumping in the puddles and I found myself following in her footsteps. We splashed and laughed and raced, then we went to the gas station and filled up on Icees and Ring Pops. On the way home she asked a million questions about when she was a newborn and spent a week in the NICU. I cried with the beauty of those precious moments of my daughter. I am taking it all in today because I don’t know when will be the last time I can appreciate her.

I also recorded a few conversations I thought others might find funny.

Hayley: Daddy? Daddy?

me: Honey, I don’t answer to Daddy. (Light-heartedly) Do I look like Daddy?

Hayley: (thinks) No, because Daddy doesn’t wear earrings.

(I try to stop myself from laughing too hard.)

me: Didn’t you get any sleep last night?

Hayley: No, I didn’t want to have a bad dream again

(this broke my heart and I was about to do something to comfort her before…)

Hayley: American Farmer’s Insurance will protect my unicorn dream though!

(I broke into a fit of giggles and hugged her tightly.)


I hope you all have a wonderful evening and think about maybe changing your perspective to a positive one for a few moments today.



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