End of 2011, Beginning of 2012

2010 I messed up my life beyond recognition

2011 I tried to fix it

Now, 2012 I am making a new life. I can’t help that the past crawled up and bit me in the ass, but I can make a life worth living from now on.

I wanted to do a review of 2011 for me… but really it came down to one thing.

2011 will always be known as the year that I began “living a very different life.”

The little things from the year don’t really matter in the long run. What matters is that I worked on improving myself and will continue to do exactly that.

So, Happy 2012!! I hope you can make some positive changes in your life like I did.



One thought on “End of 2011, Beginning of 2012”

  1. Why don’t you go shopping ? Buy some cool bath stuff from the body shop and try aromatherapy and some yoga ?? You WILL feel better of you did something you never done before : go to a foreign film , opera, travel to a new place , see how otters ” struggle ” with their psychosis . Jeff’s song is on twitter read all about his abuse childhood and DID MPD trust me you’ll feel better . I survived abuse as well — we’re more alike than u realize !! Lol the world isn’t a vampire of moods and altered states of sanity . There’s bliss if you truly want it ! Read my book : bitter rice : a poetry collective it talks about this stuff and JOY! Be well Amy šŸ˜‰

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