Ambulance from my house.

Requesting everyone’s thoughts and prayers for my family and especially my mom:

After a long night of absolutely no sleep (hello insomnia again) at 5:35am my mom fell onto her bathroom floor.

I am not trying to be dramatic, but she is extremely fragile. I am more worried about her breaking a rod in her back.

She was rushed off a bit ago in an ambulance with a very high blood pressure and I am just terrified.

In a last ditch effort I called James (the ex-husband) and he will be taking me to the hospital to join her shortly.

I love you all



I put this off a little because I didn’t want to come off like an ungrateful bitch.

My mom came home by 10am with a black eye, a lot of bumps and bruises, and a broken elbow.

I am glad she is okay, I am really. There have been falls that have ended with her spending months in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. So I am happy.

I am not happy that suddenly I am a nurse’s aid. I’m not really qualified, and considering the amount of sleep I got last night (NONE) it’s making things very very hard.

I would make this longer, but my todo list is growing and mom is moaning about more cola and I’m hungry and sleepy and pissy. I will try to be more positive tomorrow.

Moral of the story, she’ll live. Me, I’m not so sure about… (kidding, sortta)



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