Guest Post: Dressing for a Mood-Swing

Good day ladies and gentlemen. I would like to introduce you Chloe Jane, my first guest poster! She is a wonderful friend and writer. Please visit her blog:

Dressing for a Mood-Swing!

Ever feel like you need to prepare yourself for the right wardrobe to fit your mood? Some people choose bright colors when they are feeling happy and positive; perhaps black when they are having a less-than-perfect kind of day.

What about the person who experiences the, ever-misunderstood, mood swings– Hell, I have those! If I dressed for my mood, I would be changing all day long! Yellow one minute, green the next….then purple and of course black in between each change- That would be utterly exhausting! What about patterns- Throw on that busy, splatter paint shirt and then 5 minutes later you’re cussing at that same shirt and opt for a calm floral print. Of course, another 5 minutes later you realize you HATE FLORAL! WTF??? I don’t think there is ever a real way you can prepare your wardrobe to match your moods if you suffer from chronic mood swings. In fact, it can even be a contributing factor to a new swing- (when you’re now crying about how you really DO love floral after all).

Some clever tips on how to dress for any mood would be to stick to one color pallet for your entire wardrobe. Look for some calm soothing colors that won’t intensify your moods. For example, something bright and vibrant might actually end up pissing you off throughout the day. Sticking to all black could keep you down in the dumps for days on end. One quirky idea would be, to put your feelings on your clothes with those quotable tees that are ever so popular right now. My boyfriend has a black t-shirt that says “I HATE everybody!” Ironically enough, it ended up putting him in a better mood because of all the talk it gets when he goes out in public. If he walked around angry saying “I hate everybody” people would not react well. But for some reason, a shirt like this turns into more of a conversational piece. It is suitable for any type of mood, really. Now, I wouldn’t suggest the quotable tees for every occasion. They have their time and place just as every other thing. But it certainly is a big help when you can’t always express the things you want to say….or shouldn’t.

The way you dress has a lot of merit when it comes to your moods- People may not always think so, however, how you feel in your clothes reflects how you may translate your mood to the rest of the world. Most often, you can never go wrong with a perfect-fit pair of jeans, a nice comfy casual shirt, and your favorite pair of sneakers- fitting for any type of mood that may come your way. Mood-swings are an inevitable part of most mental illnesses, however, just because you may suffer, it certainly doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to!

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Dressing for a Mood-Swing”

    1. Thankfully enough, in fashion and in mental illness….not having a color pallet IS your color pallet~ Just be the creative and inspiring person that you and it will be gorgeous~ how ever u dress it…

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