A Brief Update

I haven’t posted in a little while, so here is a short list of ten odd and ends to get you caught up.

I did want to mention one regret from the past few weeks, I wish I had reached out and asked for help and leaned on someone.

These are in no particular order and range from negative to positive in no particular order either.

1. My six year old daughter lost her second and third baby teeth this week. Now she keeps singing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth,” guess why? lol (Actually I think her grandpa had something to do with that song in her head)

2. My winter boots were splitting in multiple places letting in water. They would have been letting in snow but there hasn’t been any! I brought up the fact that they were growing old and cracked to a few people and everyone kept suggesting duct tape. I thought that would look silly, these are black construction heavy-duty type boots and silver tape would look silly. Duck Tape brand tape now has designer tape and there are so many cool kinds!! I found red with black tattoo-type dragons on them. Now my boots are waterproof and cooler than ever! (Guess who got the creative bug today)

New old boots


3. My future in college is majorly in question. Weighing the pros and cons.

4. I became physically ill again, which is always a long story. This brought me down emotionally and things got bad for a few days. Sometimes sleeping in is good, but sleeping about 20 hours a day for three days in a row is not always good for me.

5. Finally found an agency that can help me with care-taking responsibilities with my mom, which is a HUGE relief. This also means she can stop relying so much financially on my brother, which makes me very happy because I wish he would fall off the face of the earth right now.

6.Received two emails from my father before I gave in and called him. I wasn’t going to, but it was kind of funny when he signed the second one with his phone number. The same phone number he has had since 1998. He had nothing to say or contribute, just wanted to make sure I was still alive. (Thanks asshole)

7. Was told by my daughter that she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore and basically hates me. When I discussed this with my ex-husband he blamed it on her abandonment issues that I have given her. Next time I have a parenting problem I will NOT be turning to my ex. But I WILL be visiting more often with my daughter now that my health is on an upswing and she will be attending an after school program by my house. (This may also have something to do with me missing all her Girl Scout Daisies activities the past week. I feel awful for letting her down.)

8. Made an actual full trip to the grocery store (vehicle and all!), not one of those puny little walks carrying two shopping bags. So now, there is food., lots of food. Unfortunately now I am not hungry. And I have to go back tomorrow because of course I forgot milk.

9. Dyed my hair “burgundy.” I have gotten mixed reviews. Luckily my hair is short enough that it will all grow out in a month or two.

10. Even though I woke up this morning and began throwing up again and I have suffered a terrible tension headache all day, this is the best day I have had in weeks. yahoo!

Upcoming –

There will be many more blog posts, this I can guarantee. (possibly even new Apartment installments)

I will be having two guests (including my Hayley)  this weekend, possibly. Plans are a little up in the air where everyone is staying and when. *shrug* I’m a lousy planner. I just kindda let things lay where they fall.

I will be spending at least two days clearing out my bedroom of the clothes that haven’t fit in over a year. They are sizes 16 and 18 and I am now an 8, time to let go. Once this is complete the spare room will be cleared out and… (drum roll please) my daughter will finally have her own room here!!! We are all very excited.

Soon, within the next few days, I will be making a major decision. Stay tuned.





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