My History of Valentines Day

I have been known to steer completely away from the general topic of bipolar disorder and mental illness for no apparent reason. This is another one of those times.

When I go into a grocery store or pharmacy I can not help but notice that there is a single theme being shoved in my face, once again it is nearing Valentine’s Day.

The phrase of Valentine’s Day may send you to recoil in horror and make you want to gather your other single friends for a relationship-bashing session over drinks. (This also makes me think of the little “voodoo dolls” they sold at Target stores last year for the “man-hater”)

It’s also possible that Valentine’s Day makes your heart flutter and thoughts of roses and jewelry and greeting cards fills your mind. Maybe you want to pull out Sleepless in Seattle and some tissues and … well let’s not get TOO carried away.

I'm "plum" crazy about you Valentine!

Valentine’s Day 1995

I have had a very seriously mixed reaction with Valentine’s Day in my life. My very first “boyfriend” (I was maybe 12) bought balloons and chocolates and roses… and asked out my best friend by giving it all to her. Not a good first experience with the holiday.

Valentine’s Day 2000

I don’t believe I actually had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day again until my senior year of high school. That year he gave me chocolates. Then proceeded to eat the entire box in front of me. Again, not a good experience.

Valentine’s Day 2001

I wasn’t TOO bitter about the holiday actually until I began working in retail after high school, specifically at Hallmark. I have never seen people get so out of control about a greeting card before. Of course it was MY fault when we completely ran out. This even continued for days after the holiday when men would come in trying to look for a leftover stray Valentine’s Day card. Poor souls.

Valentine’s Day 2002-2011

I don’t remember any memorable Valentine’s Days at all while I was married, and that makes me a little sad. I’m sure there may have been cards exchanged or a nice dinner. I think I am just working on blocking out the entire marriage as a whole actually. *grin*

What I do remember was when Valentine’s Day began to have meaning for me again. When my daughter, Hayley, was one, she brought me home a heart with her handprints painted on it. That was the best gift I have ever received on Valentine’s Day. Well, except the continued homemade gifts that I have received from her. My daughter will always be my Valentine.

Valentine’s Day 2012

I am not expecting diamonds or flowers or anything materialistic. This year, instead,  I will treat Hayley to a surprise as I have never been able to do before. This year I will give her a Valentine.

This year, I have two valentines, and I love them both.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is at least happy in one way or another. If you are facing a day without a certain Valentine, then I would love to volunteer myself. You know where to find me 🙂 ❤ ❤



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