They told me, “You Are Not A Doctor!”

The first time I heard this was from my now ex-husband. He noticed I was running out of some medications early and others were still full as the day he had them filled. He tried to explain to me, yell at me, convince me, and finally threaten me, “You are not a doctor!”

So what? I wasn’t allowed to mess with my dosages when they didn’t work or when the side effects were too much? This confused me. And I didn’t stop playing with them.

I don’t know how many times I have been reminded of this over the years, but I learned one thing over the past few weeks. I am not my own doctor. Listening and talking to my ACTUAL doctor works much better for me.

On the note, that means I can not medicate myself with illegal (or legal) drugs

Another part of this “rant” (I guess you can call it a rant) is geared towards myself and everyone around me.

If you do not have a medical degree PLEASE do not diagnose yourself or others. It will cause undo stress on both parties.

I am guilty of this of course. I told my brother he was an alcoholic and my friend that she was bipolar. All it got me was for them to cut me out of their lives. Diagnosing ourselves prematurely can be dangerous. I diagnosed myself early on with something other than bipolar disorder. I also made sure that the doctor and his test would agree with me. I spent years in groups and in therapy and on medications that didn’t help at all.

Be honest with your doctor. I know it’s hard, believe me it’s hard. I am always paranoid that the information will get back to my ex and he will take my daughter. I am afraid of rehabs and hospitals. I am scared of needles. But mostly I am afraid of a new doctor every other month. If I lie to one, surely I will end up with a new one before the blink of an eye.

I felt it very important to tell people this. It seems it goes around a lot in the mental health community. It’s really hard when you get an inaccurate diagnosis… it’s even harder when you stress over the one you give yourself. Be careful. You are gentle and special and deserve the best.

Do me a favor, learn from my mistakes,



2 thoughts on “They told me, “You Are Not A Doctor!””

  1. I don’t have a high opinion of medical doctors, for various reasons. Of course, I know there are brilliant doctors and medicore ones – it just so happens that my experience has tended to fall on the medicore side of the continuum. All that aside, your message is an important one: self-diagnosis is more often than not inaccurate and very unhelpful.

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