This is the End

I wanted to say goodbye. Thank you for following this blog. I will not ask for help this time. This is the end. Thank you.



5 thoughts on “This is the End”

  1. Hey hon – listen, don’t hate me but a few of us on Twitter were worried about this…..Don’t hate me, but I managed to contact the police department in your area to do a welfare check on you – they were very kind as I am calling from the other side of the world, but if you are feeling bad, I know what it is like. I also emailed you at the addresses you list on your blog page.
    We are thinking of you and very worried – I hope I haven’t overstepped the line by calling the police or have made your life harder, just being a concerned fellow Bipolar sufferer who cares. I had to google an address for you, it might not be the correct one and the police had a different one but they assured me they would check both. Please please let me know you are OK, I am here if you want to vent/talk/cry etc. Sending you virtual hugs and tissues and letting you know you are NEVER alone – we care OK? @ehullis3823 (twitter profile).
    Take care hon……

    1. Hi, this is Amy. I wanted to reply to a little of your string of comments. I did not stop blogging, I kept hitting a deep depression and was being in a very poor mood. I am back on the right road (or getting there), now. And it will not be long no before it will come out what my true health condition. I could only charm my way into silence for so long.

      Can I make this very clear? Not as a threat or anything, more as a favor for me. Please do not send police officers with guns to the front door of my home. This used to be my self refugee and it’s been torn down little by litter over the past few months. I began this blog to educate nand help people and by chance even help myself. I had no idea the impact that I would receive over what went on. I never meant to hurt anyone or try to pretend that I am suicidal to get attention. The reason for these things will soon become evident. It wasn’t me that I worried about when the police came to the door and knocked, then entering with handcuffs in their hands. I honestly thought my frail and old mother was going to lose it in front of the posical officer and I was scared. At this moment in my life, there is nothing left without my mother to support me emotionally and make sure I don’t pull a teenage prank.

      If there is one message that I could sent to that woman who put my, my mother, and her bird’s life in danger, it would be this. “Honey, you messed with the long girl. It may have taken a week or 12 months but you will never look around the cover and behind you again without you making sure you are not going to hurt my family. I honestly, yes, hostly, feel sorry for you that you feel the need to do this and will do everything that I can to get back my equipment without encountered you. I hope you feel the same. Take car of yourself. If you do not tape anything, you do no carry a flammable liquid, and apologized to everyone involved, maybe the A.D.A. will help you not spend the rest of your life in prison.

      Best of luck. I will be visiting you before you know it.
      Iron Sharpener

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