A Post from the Library

I have finalized everything in my life. In the past few weeks I have pushed away everyone in my life and now I am finishing the job. I will start over new somehow, tho it will not be easy. 

I listen to music and it brings me to tears. I miss everyone dearly but I only bring pain like King Midas brought gold. I will pop up in your lives tho you may not know it. I will be moving on in my personal and professional lives. You were my friends. I will miss you most of all. I will be alright but I just will not appear to you in the same forms as I have. No need to call the police, I am not suicidal. I am just moving on in my life. I am quitting my blogs and quitting school. Within the next few days this blog as all my others will disappear. There will be no responses from my Twitter account or email accounts. I am choosing to cut the cord and move on. My heart is broken. But as in life, you will move on as well. We will be better for it so I do not infect everyone with my poison. I love you all. Good night.


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