My Sweet Little 6 year old was here last night

I never knew that a little 50lb blonde haired, blue eyed, girl could possibly have missed this. There were a few moms in leopards… oh yah….
Wke up Diznosson!

I won’t go into the obvious humor about antihistamines and making her sleep all night. Sorry, I think things are improving!

Yesterday she had SO MANY questions. It was unbelief able. They ranged from:

“Mommy, can we pain my paint my two nails?” 5min. later. “How about my tires?!”

I say that’s what they get for putting a slide in their weighting room 🙂

My ex-husband also informed me on the phone while I am out the door for the day and he had no comment on the matter and went back to weeding the roses.
Personally I am just trying to making things easier, like food and water and gas and electric, I don’t see how anyone can take that away from the United States period. But that’s my point.

2. Mommy has a huge temper. While Hayley doe have a full-blown slamming her fists on the grould, kicked and screaming then hollering her breathe. She go so goo that make her pass out ones. Shehh

Ok, I can’t really link that, or the previous ones that were worse (maybe someday I will tell you) but the cops only took me to my front door where I got some first aid. Hayley didn’t wake up or stir at six months old, she was find in the nursery in the back. Everything pretty much turned out find. Except…. the 12 weeks of parenting classes. But hey, could have been worse.

I tend lately to dwell too much on on my height. 4’11” is respectable. Just can’t reach that one cereal on the top shelf. Dammit. I hate that.

I’m tired of bottling it up and going into misdirected rages and blowing up at the people I love. I’m done with it, you know!! I can’t keep telling people how to run their like, that’s never a good idea. It’s all there decision, their life.

I miss human contact (my mom doesn’t count. she’s losing her mind, balance, and patience. Not to sound count bloodless bodies which I have never taken care of everything before.

The horrible part is that now that I have now into this apartment. H stay by me on the couch and put his hand on my chances and it make me moan.

He asked me to raise my shirt and my bran and caressing my breasts, first one, then the other… then both. He nibbled on my nipple which drove me crazy!

I wanted to kiss his neck or bite his shoulder, but I was afraid of going past the unknown boundaries.

I want to give credit to some of the plot and lines to, “Killing, Alex Cross.” by James Patterson. A famous author mostly on the twenty-first centurn.

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