Lost but Peaceful

I am unsure if anyone will ever read this. My blog is not what it once was. I have fallen on hard times as of late. My access to internet in any form has become limited. My mental and physical health is failing and I have given in to my demons and now find myself about to be out of options. I am in no danger. Just lost.

I do still see my sweet daughter although it is rare. My problems mentally and physically are beginning to frighten her so I keep the visits short and the phone calls long. My mom is being moved into an assisted living facility before the end of the year.

My apartment full of bipolars will soon be four walls waiting for the next crazy family to move in.

Life goes on, so they say. I know now more than ever how quickly that happens too.

I hope this finds you happy and at peace with your life. If not, then you are in good company.



3 thoughts on “Lost but Peaceful”

  1. Hey beautiful!! Im sorry to hear that youre feeling lost. I love you and honestly hope that you can smile a couple of times today! Cant wait till we can text again!! Text me as soon as you can love 🙂

  2. Well I don’t know you and I found your blog… You’re moving house? Congratulations. I hope the new place is OK 😉

    BTW: I just got moved about 3 weeks ago. They’re assessing me as to whether I’m “capable of independent living” ~ which is depressing enough in itself when you think about it…

  3. Im so sorry things have gone this way for you.. I hope there is clear path for you soon.. Hang in there girl.. you are loved and needed.. I know your strong enough to get through.. Much love ♥


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