Alive and Swinging

Contrary to a rumor I heard, no I am very much alive.

In fact I am currently homeless and having issues but feel more alive than ever. I am trying to post this from the local library and hoping it gets out there that I did not give up on life, I just had to move on in my life.

I am trying yet again to get clean and find a place to live that is mine and not someone else’s floor or sofa. But if I don’t get clean first I know that I would only lose my home again.

My daughter is doing well with her dad. She just got back from DisneyLand and a wedding and is enjoying first grade.

I miss my creature comforts and those that I enjoyed talking to so much. I keep busy with odd jobs these days and it helps me.

Just know I am alive and okay. Stay strong. I know I will.


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