Disaster Turns Out Well

Well, this was an unexpected result of the disaster that I referred to a few days ago.

I am clean. Five days now. I went through no withdrawls from the heroin that I had been physically and emotionally dependent on the past five month.

I stayed in the hospital with my friend and ex while he underwent surgery on the toes that were severely damaged by the evil lawnmower. Now I am temporarily living with him while he recovers. It is a true miracle how well he is doing already. I feel stronger just being around him and his God given strength.

I have made two huge decisions I’m the past few days. First is that I am going to stay clean and to help me is my spiritual community, my positive peoples, and I will be going inpatient for drug addiction help at a facility that helped me before. Several years ago they helped me and I know they will again help me to stay clean and find a place to live. Secondly, I am going to return to the work force. With my experience and love of helping others I will begin working home care while I become certified as a STNA. I already have been given the position in my church of Head of Compassionate Care. So I will be doing God’s work in gratitude and couldn’t be happier.

Basically I have always seeked out to help people, knowing that this always helped me as well. Now I feel as if I have a purpose in my life and a reason to get up in the morning. I also smile again. Lots. This is another miracle in my eyes and heart.

Things haven’t always been easy for me and still are not easy or simple. I still slip mentally and have my moments but I have been flooded by loving hearts and God’s love out of nowhere and find myself suddenly blessed. I trust in eveything that I ever believed that this will continue as long as I continue forward.



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