Good but sad news

Things have gotten easier, harder, and repeat lately. No day is the same as the last. I miss the days where if I had had a night of insomnia and I needed sleep that I would have a place to lie down and close my eyes without question. I miss the days that if I was hungry that food was always there. These days things are never so simple. But things are about to become easier.

Today I went and was put on the waiting list for a local rehab center. I have been trying to for weeks, but finally accomplished it. I have gotten clean, but I know without a solid foundation that I will not succeed in my journey. And I need to succeed to save my life and to be the person I need to be for me and my daughter.

They are searching for a spot for me in the program which may open up as early as Friday or may not open up until as late as November. Once I am in the program it lasts one to three months. I plan on staying the full three months until I have a solid foundation and can get my own apartment and figure out some other things in my life. So if you do not hear from me, do not be suprised or worried. This center has no internet or cell phones so you need not worry until at least February. I will send you all a final farewell right before I head over to the center to check myself in. In the meantime be well and I send blessings. The sadness that washes over me today I could use prayers and blessings as well. Maybe it is the insomnia and nightmares, maybe something else.

All my love and blessings,

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