Living My Dual Recovering Life

Its been a while hasn’t it?  I graduated from rehab yesterday. I spent a month in a dual diagnosis treatment center and gained a new perspective.

I started out there mostly just very sick. I entered there with pneumonia, detoxing cold turkey from heroin, and without any psych meds whatsoever. I was in bad shape. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t meant to be easy. I got my meds back and got healthy. I also did everything suggested and turned it all into the best thing that ever happened to me.

I signed up to start school after I return from my trip to South Carolina. I will be studying to become a Mental Health Technition special emphasis on Dual Diagnosis. I hit a meeting as soon as I left treatment yesterday and am currently staying in a hotel. I have been incredibly busy.

No, I am not on a pinl cloud. Life is never ans will never be perfect. I cant be either. My medications are still trying and failing to stabilize me. I have become a.drastic rapid cycling bipolar as of late. But I am trying to remember that there is nothing so bad that putting any kind of dope in me can’t and wouldn’t make worse. Guaranteed for me.

Often we with mental health issues find ways to self medicate. Add in an addictive peraonality and I have turned myself into a ti
me bomb. Time to defuse the bomb. Love,


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