Society’s Stigma of Mental Illness Makes Me Want to Scream

What the heck?!?!

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon
Mental Health Awareness Ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Why is it that every single time there is a horror of society, all people with mental health issues have to pay for it?? Each time this sort of thing happens it drives all the hard work that we as a mental health community have put in to change things (breath) sends it all back to the Dark Ages AGAIN??

Ok, do NOT get me wrong, the CT shooting to me is the most awful horror and tragedy to happen in a long time. I took this shooting very very personally since my DAUGHTER just turned seven a few days ago. The day after this sadness I held my daughter’s birthday party. THE DAY AFTER THIS I was surrounded by over a dozen six and seven year olds and they are so naive and innocent and all the other parents and my ex husband and I could do was try to not think about the thought in the back of our minds, What if my child had been in that classroom?? Monday I was on a Greyhound bus to a destination 500 miles from my daughter and I sat on that bus and cried the entire time she was at school that day. I cry every day because I can not imagine and do not want to imagine being in those parents’ positions. The time of year that this has happened makes it even more sad. I think even Santa is crying at this point.

Ok, after that, you can understand that my position is NOT on the side of the shooter. My position is that as a person with multiple mental illness, I’ve got the back of each and every person that is mentally ill and needs help. The answer is NOT to discriminate. The answer is not to lock us all up or ship us to a few away island. But it’s hard being discriminated for any reason. Society needs to get a (censored) GRIP.

There are SO MUCH better ways for the internet, news, radio, etc. to handle this. Where are all the people speaking up against society’s stigma??? Would you PLEASE STAND UP!!!


Fist-bump to the writers of these articles, blog posts, and the hundreds out there like them. Keep it up!

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