Painful Decision

My passion has died with one single phone call. I am truly scared. Now what?

Basically, the people from public housing back in Ohio (where I started) called today and said I have been given a Section 8 voucher after FINALLY reaching the top of the waiting list. The trick is that it is only good for two weeks.

What’s complicated about that? Well, I am currently in South Carolina, over 500 miles away. So it’s very complicated. If I come back in the next two weeks to apartment hunt I will have no place to stay. That will put me for a little while either in a homeless shelter or living on the streets where a blizzard just blanketed the entire county. Yay.

No, I don’t think it’s such a great idea to head back to Ohio because the triggers will be often and many. I am strong, but so are the people who are looking for me in a very bad way.

The positive side is that all my resources are there. Here, my health insurance is not accepted anywhere and I am running low on many of my medications. Back in Ohio I have doctors and counselors and social workers and meetings and… well I have all my resources there.

My dad will be home soon and I will discuss it with him. But it seems that I am about to hop back on that Greyhound for a return trip to Ohio and I have a TON to do before I can exit South Carolina and not a lot of time to do it. Happy New Year huh? I may be celebrating midnight New Year’s Eve on a Greyhound, how ’bout that?

Ok, I feel a little better already. I will update you all as this drama continues.


Update 45min later: I found friends who are in recovery that I can stay with for a little while. Bonus is that they have a car so if I pay them gas money I can avoid the bus, which is a major trigger that houses more triggers. Yayyy things are working out already!

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