The Big Bad Wolf: Small Minded Idiots of the Government and NRA

1212mentalhealth-RW (Photo credit: Robbie Wroblewski)

I personally overuse this word- stigma. Essentially yes, the mental health community from those that are bipolar or schizophrenic to those with addictions and ADHD have been branded with a mark. This mark usually means that we are discriminated against or looked down upon by our families and supposed loved ones. Now it seems we are banded together as a community because we are being grouped together and called VIOLENT and DANGEROUS.

In reality, if you take a random group of people from any part of the world from any circumstance and put them together and call them VIOLENT and DANGEROUS this will be true of a small percentage of them. It doesn’t make any difference if these people have a history of a mental illness or not. It just makes NO SENSE that this is what it has become. Everytime we as a community take two steps forward, someone comes in a does a senseless and violent act and it pushes us back not two steps or three but into the Dark Ages again!


People are scared, God knows that I understand that. As a mother of a first-grader, I am terrified to send her back to school. I am scared to go to the movies. I am scared as much as everyone else. But you, the government and heads of big organizations such as NRA can NOT classify those of us with a Mental Health Diagnosis as a bunch of terrorists. Before you chose to open your big mouths, try reading some statistics and remember one thing:


So before you CHOSE to put your foot in your mouth again, open your ears and listen to us. We know others in the mental health community and ourselves far better than you do Mr. Wayne LaPierre, executive vice-president of the National Rifle Association.

I found

I found this information majorly disturbing.

Don’t get me started on the fact that I do NOT want my name in some database. This makes me feel like they are about to round us up and tattoo a barcode on us so we can be tracked. This makes me sick.


What REALLY jerks my chain in about these morons spending billions of dollars on these campaigns and spouting this crap to our government about how to “deal” with us. The obvious answer is that those dollars and cents need to be flooded into the mental health care system. How are we supposed to help ourselves if the government can not fund the programs. How are we supposed to avoid the catastrophies like suicides if we don’t get help and treatment. There are people out there honestly trying to help and who care, but these people burn out because there are too many to help and too few that care. We need treatment, we need medication, we need people that care, we need funding,


We do not need people calling us dangerous terrorists. We need those people that are being the loudest to be the ones HELPING not the ones hurting us. We are hurt enough.

‘Nuff said.


(who is done being a victim and is just seriously pissed off)


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