Trying to Keep a Positive Attitude Today

Maybe I am in shock. Maybe I am trying to focus on the present and future and forget my past of even 24 hours ago.

Yesterday I can focus on the fact that I got my paperwork finished with the section 8 people and is currently being processed. Or I can focus on the fact that my disability check is finally being put in the bank in the next couple of days and that is awesome.

Or I can focus on the fact that after all of this happened I ran into a violent ex-bf’s best friend, and this ex-bf tracked me down and attacked me and more than likely has my wallet now. Yes, I am bruised and banged up but I got away. Yes, I exercised my resources regarding this.

The best news is that I am currently completely broke. How is this good news? It’s keeping me from using today. I will keep it real with you, if I had money right now, I would not be writing this. I would be looking and finding it. Sad but true.

I am trying to be grateful for what I do have and stay safe. Just for today.

My reminder to myself today: It takes true strength for me to cry, so today I will let it out so I do not explode.


One thought on “Trying to Keep a Positive Attitude Today”

  1. I’m sorry for what you went through. Good for you for not using! I have struggled with drugs and alcohol in the past, and I know that a LOT of times the only thing that kept me sober was lack of money. Looking back, I was always grateful that I didn’t have the means to use that day (though I sure wasn’t happy at the time!!!). Stay safe! 🙂

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