Breaking News!!! I finally have a home


Yes, you heard me correctly. My recent disappearing act online has been because I have been swamped with so many things on my plate that some of my lesser responsibilities had to be put on hold.2012-12-30appalaciasunset


Basically, this recovering addict and recent homeless person now has, believe it or not, an apartment to call her very own. I have only lived by myself, on my very own, in my very own apartment, about six months out of my almost 31 years on this planet. I have always been in someone else’s domain basically. Now this nice little one bedroom, hardwood floors, place is MINE. I am so excited that I may faint at any moment. The place is part of a building that this company recently bought and remodeled so it is not quite ready to move in yet. But I will be getting that call any day now. I don’t have much yet, but there is an organization that will hook me up with some furniture to start out with. I get a BED!! Does anyone have ANY idea how long it has been since I have slept in a REAL bed? Let alone one of my very own to stretch out in and snore and drool and no one cares? Okay, too much information sorry 🙂


SO, things are working out, slowly but surely. I am getting there, really. I will keep it real with you. I have a sort of self-sabotage button that I have a bad habit of pushing. So I did well in my first two weeks of classes, got an apartment, got my social security check back, and then had a moment where I slipped up and used. I am trying to put my head back up and move forward. I screwed up, but I don’t have to continue to screw up and fall back down the rabbit hole.


I know the people in my life are happy for me and disappointed at the same time. I am too. But all I can do is keep going forward and not let this one slip up cause me to fall all the way off a cliff. I can’t wait to show you all some pictures when I move in!! Thank you for everyone’s support through all of this and in the future.


Be well and blessed





2 thoughts on “Breaking News!!! I finally have a home”

  1. so happy for you!
    tell me more about you getting the disability. i am going through the process. denied the first time. on my first appeal. sheesh. what a process. i feel like i have no hope. i’m in AZ. what state are you in?

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