Feeling Sorry for Myself

I have several things I should… Mind you SHOULD be happy about in my life right now. I have a wonderful supportive boyfriend who cooks AND cleans, I have a roof over my head, food in my kitchen, a supportive family and I have my life.

The truth is that I am miserable. Tomorrow my case manager is dragging me to my psychiatrist. I tried to explain to her that this is not chemical. This is situational.

Basically I feel I am going through a sort of grieving process now that my ex husband moved himself and our daughter 400 miles away from me. Me who is not allowed to drive.

So on Saturday my daughter left. And even though I am not alone… I feel very empty and alone..

3 thoughts on “Feeling Sorry for Myself”

  1. Well, my goodness, that is a major move. I’d feel abandoned. What can I offer except I am so very sorry you are hurting terribly over this. Understandably so. Go slow. Be good to yourself. This too shall pass. I promise. It will take time. And skills on your part to be rational. To process your emotions. To cry. To feel. Don’t numb. But you will survive and grow. You truly will. We have to find ourselves and nurture ourselves. Then the rest becomes manageable darling. Ta-ta for now.

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