I’m A Busy Little Bee

ImageI haven’t posted recently, this hasn’t gone unnoticed believe me. However, my life has been very hectic and when I do get time to write I have been focusing on my fictional book instead of nonfiction.

If you are interested to know about my personal life, today is the big case conference. My housing subsidy people, my landlord company, my mental health case manager, and me.  Today I expect to need to take all of the expense and responsibility of the damages to the apartment from the shooting. I also will find out if I will be able to move before my lease runs out at the end of January.

At the end of this week, no matter what happens, a girlfriend of mine and me are going to move back into that tiny hell of mine. I think I am finally strong enough to go back as long as I am not alone. It’s important that I get away from where I am staying, they have bed bugs here so bad that both my arms are basically one giant bed bug bite. It’s awful.

I trust that God has a plan for me, but He won’t do anything for me unless I do something for myself. I will be able t let y’all know more when I get home from the meeting.

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