Are Doctors Beginning to Overuse the Pink Slip?

In the land of medicine the medical malpractice lawsuits are running rampant. Don’t think I am dismissing that doctors do make mistakes and should be held accountable for these mistakes. But Americans has become a tad bit, oh dare I say… GREEDY.

Word has gotten out apparently that suing a doctor is easy money. The reality is that they are, sometimes. If you take a fallible human doctor who makes any small mistake that ends in a patient to die or be unnecessarily harmed plus an angry and emotionally and physically harmed patient or family member crying fowl and you have a malpractice suit. Due to the cost of a painful and lengthy trial the malpractice companies usually settle for a large financial reward. This has doctors constantly “playing it safe” or as I like to call it “overreacting to protect their ass..ets”

I wouldn’t mind if this involved a unnecessary blood test or x-ray. But this week they trampled all over my rights.

A unnecessary”pink slip” is a term for that infamous piece of paper that any doctor or police officer can write up and involuntarily commit you to a psychiatric ward for 72 hours of observation.

I wouldn’t be upset if I had been suicidal, homicidal, hallucinating, or trying to hang Christmas lights on my head and run around courthouse singing Kubayah in July. After all the well known general guidelines for a pink slip is if. “A person is a danger to one’s self or others.”

So. Guess why I got pink slipped? Oh you’ll never guess. Stress-induced tremors and twitching. Told you that you’d never guess.

To tell you the very least I was extremely upset and I will admit that I lost my cool. Hey it happens you know? I’m not perfect. But the only thing that that got me is what some of have pet named the “B-52”. Basically this is an injection of 5mg Haldol 2mg Ativan and usually 50mg of Benadryl. Get that sucker in the behind and you won’t be able to walk in ten minutes and probably out cold in twenty. This is another complaint that I have.

I have seen the B-52 used during my hospital stays the past few years after the Thorazine injection fell out of popularity with the medical community. But I have personally gotten it twice and that’s it. See at first it was used as a humane way of restraining someone who is trying to hurt themselves or others.

During this hospital I saw it used multiple times a day on different patients throughout the day as more of a behavior modification. I heard “stop talking so much or you’ll get the injection… ok I warned you.” One night less than half the ward had come out to eat dinner because the rest had been drugged. This is a frightening way of the psychiatric community infringing on out patient and human rights!

I will stop ranting now. I promise. Any strange words or spelling can be blamed on the auto-correcter on my cell phone. Thanks for listening. Peace out.


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