Down to the Wire

The past week has been a real struggle. I am battling two infected teeth which not only hurt but are making me feel like crud. It’s been one thing after another, flu, stomach bug, then bronchitis, bladder infection, now this. Luckily it is almost over, tomorrow morning I get the two infected teeth and one cracked tooth pulled.

On a positive note, Hayley my little girl will be turning nine years old. I can’t believe it has been that long since this little miracle came into the world. I will be unable to see her, but on Saturday she is coming over for the weekend. I have two days to wrap all her Christmas and birthday presents. I am very excited. I decorated the house and put up the tree (I promised I would let her decorate it)

Saturday first thing we are having a birthday pancake breakfast with my cousin and her daughter who is one of Hayley’s favorite people. We will follow that with present opening, in the afternoon Olaf (from Frozen) will be taking pictures at the local Walgreens. And of course lots and laughs and fun the entire day. Sunday morning her dad is coming to get her because it is a six hour drive to Tennessee their home and he has to work Monday.

Within walking distance are two churches I can go to for the Christmas Eve candlelight service, which makes me happy.

I can trying to keep a smile on my face, it helped that my ex-bf who became my ex only because after he was shot he needed to leave town, he called me today and that always helps when I know I have real friends out there.

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