My Life is a Wreck

I’m not complaining, it is just a fact. It started with finding out (finally) why my strange medical and physical and probably psychiatric are happening. I have Huntington’s chorea disease, or HD. It is a terrible degenerative neuromuscular disease that is genetic. And yes, it is terminal but the progress of the disease it very slow, which is probably why a third of HD patients die from suicide.
Anyway, I just got outta the psych hospital two weeks ago because my lithium level went toxic, so they told me to go off it cold turkey. Three days later I injured myself on purpose and physicall attack a neighbor, so I called thw policw on myself to put me on a 72 hr hold, they kept me six days. Since I got out I have been in a harsh depression. What sucks is when my lithium level was too high I was functioning amazingly well. I don’t know what to do.

7 thoughts on “My Life is a Wreck”

      1. Tomorrow I am going to attempt to grab a walk in appt. Other than that only another psych hold is the only option. I havent looked around for local support like that, thats a good idea

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