Serious Anger Problems

This will be short because I am typing with one hand and one finger.

Last week I lost my temper, I mean I really lost it. I broke my right hand on a concrete wall. Lessson learned. All my anger got me was pain and suffering. Need I say more?

One thought on “Serious Anger Problems”

  1. Option 2: anger is a valid emotion when handled in a healthy way. You could try punching a pillow or a punchbag, or screaming into a pillow or … there are loads of other tips online. I’ve punched walls and myself in the past. What works for me almost all of the time now (in my more sedate middle aged years) is to work in locating that split second between the emotion and the reaction. And looking for the triggers of anger helps that. Eventually the split second lengthens and eventually there is (most of the time and in relation to the severity of the triggers) more space to choose a different way of venting or handling the anger or whatever. I’m sure you know that repressing it is absolutely not the way to go.

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