Huntington’s Disease aka Chorea

I have been battling this neuromuscular degenerative disease in the quiet for at least two years, more probably closer to thirteen, I will not let this disease get me down at all. I fall almost daily, but I get back up and keep movies. My brain is a fog but I don’t stop my blog, my support group, etc. However when irt comes to my family I hesitates to tell them every this. We are still all bruised from losing my mother

This is a terminal illness, and I’m fairly close to my end stage. My dad said he is not a caregiver and will not help me, so he is trying to get me into a home or assisted living facility, He can get how bad I have gotten over the last month since his previous visit. He doesn’t know why yet. My dad isn’t really the sympathetic type, I doubt be would care.

This makes me sad. I cared for my mom for over rive years, but no one else will return the favor. Thanks Mr. Family


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