Who am I? (recently edited.. again)


My name is Amy, tho most people call me Red. I am 32. years old going on 45 most days.I am a mother of one nine year old who works odd jobs because SSDI never seems to cover the bills. I am not currently a student anywhere anymore. I am taking my time getting my life back together now that I have all the time in the world. I planned on going back to school in March, but my recent inpatient experience tells me I’m not quite ready.

I am currently residing in Ohio. It was a mistake to come back, but I did. My daughter is in Tennessee with her father (my ex-husband) her stepmother, stepsister, and a one year-old half brother

I have mental illnesses, a few of which are bipolar disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, adult ADHD, and PTSD. I am now also in recovery from a very dark addiction as well as working on overcoming a recent severe trauma.

My recent addresses have been multiple psychiatric treatment centers for periods of seven to thirty-three days each. I can not return to my apartment but I am working on a solution to that while staying with a friend.


New March 11, 2015
I wanted to add another tidbit about me. I have been diagnosed with Huntington’s chorea, which yes is very scary but honestly it is nice to have an answer. It makes typing difficult, but backspace is y friend. Also due to either the disease or my reaction to it, I have gone from a meek and mild mannered person ta cussing and screaming and ver violent person at times. This is why I checked into the hospital this last time. I was afraid for me and the people around me. It’s hard for me right now to try to picture a futre for myself, but I keep the faith. They will cure HD. I know that for sure. thanks guys.

My email addresses are as follows:




Just for Today: I chose to learn from and not dwell on my past, look towards my horizon, but live in and ENJOY my present… because the present is a gift I can not return.


For more articles from Amy, visit my Yahoo! contributors collection of articles at: http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/1184413/amy_schwerdtfeger.html


3 thoughts on “Who am I? (recently edited.. again)”

  1. Thanks for being here! Just started my website & blog. Still in infancy, so not much yet. I’d appreciate a visit and will be getting things together as I get over the learning curve.
    Peace of Mind & Love, Nana
    P.S. Hope you enjoy your new home!

  2. Hi…thanks for stopping by my blog and reading “There is Beauty in Bipolar”… I am glad you did because it enabled me to find your blog as well as the two women’s blogs who have commented on this page. I am interested in all of your stories.

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