Why this blog?

Why did I chose to start this blog? 

It may not be the reason you think…

The answer is NOT: to vent or have a place I can blog as a “journal.”

The reason I am living with mental illness and not dead because of it is educating myself about my illness and learning to accept the fact that this is a lifetime illness.

To make a long story short, this blog is about the acceptance part.

I can’t force people to accept who I am, but I can control the acceptance of the many issues surrounding my mental illnesses.

I think if people happen to see my blog and then move on to express these kinds of things about themselves.

You are not normal because there is no such thing as normal. You are very special and unique.

Don’t be afraid to share things on a blog, on Twitter, to your therapist, whatever. You can not receive help until you open yourself up a little.

PLEASE if you are in danger of hurting yourself or someone else, dial 911 or whatever the emergency number is for you. 

Remember 2 things: “This too shall pass.” and that somebody DOES care about you and would notice if you were gone, ME!!

I am available to chat most of the day and night on Twitter: @BipolarGirl82


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